Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

Video analysis plays a vital role in the development of today''s successful track & field athletes, teams and coaches. Eagle Eye is a WINDOWS based software that now makes technical analysis easier and more affordable than ever. Eagle Eye is a fully loaded analysis tool with all the sophistication you need to help your team achieve peak performance.


Easily download your video from a standard digital
camera onto your computer and let Eagle Eye software help your players see more, develop faster and gain the edge on the competition.

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  • Compare multiple video''s / athlete''s at the same time.
  • Control video windows independently or locked.
  • Timeline analysis, create documents and multi media.
  • Create video lessons with voice over.
  • Instantly determine angels.
  • Video overlay.
  • Track positions and bookmark key frames.
  • Internal timer, bookmark features. Measure distance traveled..
  • Super slow motion - 60 frames per second.

Affordable Eagle Eye gives you the most for your money. We believe video analysis software should be affordable for all budgets. At $299. why break the budget with something else. *(499. for the optional multiple camera version)
Easy to Use Eagle Eye is designed for coaches and athletes, not computer people. Unlike the competition, you will not need to attend a training seminar or memorize a manual to operate your software.
Analysis has never been this easy.
Powerful Eagle Eye gives you all of our features in one complete package. We don''t offer a stripped down basic version, only to try and up sell you to get the features you want. Every customer gets our best features at a great price. The only thing you need to decide is if you want the single camera version ($299.) or the ability to connect multiple cameras at the same time. ($499.)

Competitive We are so confident in our product that we offer a 7 day free trial that can be downloaded onto your computer today (no credit card needed).

See for yourself how powerful, affordable and easy to use Eagle Eye software really is. Please visit the Free Download link on the left navigation menu.
Coaches and Teaching Professionals
Get more with Eagle Eye! Take your instruction to the next level. Eagle Eye''s video lesson creator and the ability to share the software for FREE gives you a tremendous advantage. With a click of a button, Eagle Eye will record every action you perform on the screen, including your voice - to create a video lesson that can be emailed, posted or burned for your students and athletes. Think of it as a video chalkboard.
What''s more, with a single purchase, you can share your software with you entire team or client base for FREE. Simple share your CD or download link with your team or client - a full version of Eagle Eye activate for seven days, after which they will retain a Read Only version on their computer indefinitely. This version allows them to view video at normal speed or in super slow motion, conduct side by side comparisons of two video''s and maintain a directory of their imported video''s.
  • Eagle Eye iseasy to use and is designed for coaches, teaching professionals and athletes, not computer experts.
  • We offer two affordable full-featured versions of the software - one for single camera and one for up to eight simultaneous cameras (hardware limited). Unlike competitors, we don''t offer a stripped down version that doesn''t include the features you need and expect.
  • You can install the software on two computers for your non-concurrent use under our license agreement. For example, you don''t have to buy separate copies if you have a laptop and a desktop.
  • We provide a comprehensive fully-illustrated help file.
  • Your software comes with eighteen pre-defined sports and activities in the program. The terminology can easily be customized for any activity (examples: track & field, baseball, football, hockey, physical therapy, kinesiology).
  • We answer your questions promptly and ship orders 6 days a week. We usually ship the same day as we receive your order.
  • We offer free trial and free updates are available on our web site for the first year after purchase.