Home Health Care Mental Health Service

Home Health Care Mental Health Service

We Make House Calls

Call: 714-7848 (Quit) or E-mail Steven@eclecticmentalhealth.com

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In-Home health care is common for many types of services like speech therapy, physical therapy and nursing care. There are 1000s of company''s throughout the U S that offer these services. However finding In-Home Mental Health services is harder to find.

All these services are provided because many people have a problem with transportation, physical disabilities, baby sitters or other issues. There are many problems that a lot of individuals have getting to appointments with your therapist.

We decided to provide In-Home Health Care Mental Health Services in 1992 and have been providing home care every since. All of our therapist are licensed and certified mental health professionals.

We Utilize an Eclectic Approach incorporating a full range of therapeutic interventions. Call 714-7848 (QUIT) or send an email with your contact information and any questions to:

steven@eclecticmentalhealth.com or Jim@eclecticmentalhealth.com and we will get back with you, answer your questions or set up an appointment.

At your first appointment We will collect relevant information, make diagnosis, Do an assessment, Review your medical history, Do a mental health clinical interview, Explain the therapeutic process and develop a treatment plan. The first appointment will be cash, We will assist you on billing issues and give you the information needed to turn in your first session billing to your insurance provider.

Certified Personal trainers and certified Post Rehab Personal Trainer specialist also available for In-home Post rehab services. Personalized Exercise program specifically developed for your rehab exercise needs.

Call: 573-714-784 (QUIT) Or Email: steven@eclicticmentalhealth.com

Visit: Eclecticmentalhealth.com